Allie B’s Story

Allie B. is a metalsmith, an artist, and a jeweler.

Allie B. has always been attracted to unique and non-traditional jewelry. Her art career began years ago in Philadelphia, PA at Marion County Art Center. Striving for new challenges she moved to the west coast in 2005 to study metalsmithing full time at the Oregon College of Art and Craft (OCAC).

Becoming engulfed in working with metal she took delight with what an essential tool her body had become. She has learned to raise, form, fabricate metal, and spin metal to create vessels on a woodworkers lathe.

Allie B. graduated from OCAC in the spring of ’09 with a Bachelors Degree of Fine Art and continues to make and show art in her co-operative studio and gallery, StuStuStudio, in Northeast Portland, Oregon.

Allie B. also enjoys teaching her craft to one-on-one serious students in her studio and she is an active instructor at the Multnomah Arts Center is SW Portland.

Allie B is a non-traditional jeweler in Portland Oregon

Did you know Allie B. offers teaching to dedicated students?

  • Allie’s jewelry is my favorite! I simply can’t get enough of it and neither can everyone else. I’m constantly getting asked where I got my necklace from!

    Elena Rollins – Billings, MT

  • Sturdy as it is pretty! I’m fairly clumsy, so it’s been good to find out that this jewelry is able to survive the everyday wear and tear that I put it through. Thanks, Allie!

    Rachel Cooke – Paris, NY

  • I bought some of the earrings for my wife and it turned out to be a great purchase! I’m definitely going to be coming back in the future.

    Frank Myers – Fairfax, VA

Allie B. Studios

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