Satellite Earrings – Antique Bronze with Sterling Silver

Satellite Earring on model - Vintage Lace

The Satellite Earrings by Allie B. are one of our most popular sets. Hand crafted at StuStuStudio with both Antique Bronze and Sterling Silver. The Bronze outer ring is always adorned with a smooth finish, but the Sterling Silver center circle … Continue reading

The Love Bell Pendant – Antique Bronze with Sterling Silver

The Love Bell Pendant - Antique Bronze with Sterling Silver

The Love Bell Pendant makes a beautiful set when paired with the Keyless Entry Earrings. Handmade in bronze by Allie B. this Necklace is graceful and tasteful with any style. To purchase your Love Bell Necklace, please visit our studio or online store. When … Continue reading

Electroformed Circle Earrings – Copper w/ Sterling Silver

Small Circle Earrings - Antique and Bright Copper

Copper electroformed jewelry is unique and one of a kind.  Each piece has it’s own character and when pairing two or more of these styles together you can create a beautiful jewelry set for all occasions. Each stylish copper circle … Continue reading